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The works I create for Charleen Kinser Limited are different than those we made at Charleen Kinser Designs in that I exercise a little more freedom in the design. The constant challenges of designing something that can be reproduced by other hands and eyes and minds are now absent, as are the difficulties of obtaining enough of any one material to make a run of several dozen to several hundred. However, I will miss the way my dedicated crew grounded me, helping me translate my vision into the wider world. As the sole artisan of CK Limited, I make each piece myself, and plan to limit editions to between one and twelve pieces. Vanity is the first creation in the CK Limited line. You can read more about her here.

Vanity (A Dragon)

She does not lust after elegance, but comes by it naturally.

There is no avarice within her, but treasures she has aplenty.



The Castle

A family of architectural elements and letterforms, textures, weights, negative space and surprise


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