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Old Favorites
Like the comfort of your favorite chair...these are some of our old favorites. Visit one of our Retailers to see one today.
A Few Newer Old Favorites  

Sophie, Sadie, and
Little Molly's Bullfrog

Some of the last designs made by Charleen Kinser Designs production crew. More...
A Few Great Bears  
T.R.'s Bear (The first of Forever Toys)
The T.R. stands for Teddy Roosevelt. He's five feet tall from nose to toes, just the right size to act as a noble grizzly friend and confidant to Charleen's teenage daughter in 1975. He is the First Forever Toy, and still as grand as can be.
For genuine, classic fun, there's James, who likes mailing-tube sword fights and is not above roller-skating. More...
Curly Little Buddy
When you've had enough of being the boss - or the mommy - Curly Little Buddy guards over you. More...
Wooly John
When a secret - whether a dream or a dread - is burning to escape your lips, whisper it into Wooly John's ear and catch his faint confederate smile. More...
Softly, Sam
Send Softly, Sam to mend the boo-boos. She offers the salve of compassion, even to us big kids. More...
Tag-Along Louie
Tucked under an arm, cradled or twirled but never left behind; Tag-along Louie is destined to show up in more than one chapter of the family album.
The Household Bestiary  
Sweet Dreamer Lucy
Cushioning your world and wrapped tightly in hers, Sweet Dreamer Lucy is fully alert to the beckoning otherworld of wishes and daydreams. More...
Picky 'Paca Rat
A collector's collector, her unending treasure hunt may well be conducted among summer gloves and spring hats; for she is a stylish rat. More...
Alpaca Rat, The Button King
"Al", The Button King, is a wiley collector and an even wilier barterer. He's got his eye on Closet Beastie's spectacular belly button. Beastie, beware of rats bearing gifts.
Closet Beastie Too
Too young yet to stay put in his closet, Beastie pokes about nabbing the kids' trinkets as he goes. And like other curious young creatures, he explores his toes - and nose. More...
Closet Beast II
Flustered at your presence, he watches your every move into his darkness. Although impressed with the goings and comings of shoes, the intensely private Closet Beast II contents himself with a "great" tie, a few found treasures, and the stubs of theater tickets. More...
Best Friends, Charmane & Winnie
For you, there will be somebody waiting when you get home, even if it's two somebodies, and they're very small and hairy. More...
Night Friend, Freda Be Fierce
Aha! Behind the rocking chair, an ogre of curious dimensions, looming and retreating with flashes of summer lightning. Freda attacks, with the power of the ancient gargoyle she once was. Extraordinary and entertaining shadow fencing. More...
Diedra The Dream Stalker
Diedra the Dream Stalker is not concerned with male monsters' power plays. Give her a hint of your dreams, and she's happy - slinking off to stake out a good piece of the night, just for you. More...
Tiny Baby Fergie
Offspring of a gargoyle gone soft, Tiny Baby Fergie is afraid of the dark, and still sucks his thumb. He prefers the safety of numbers, so take him to bed. More...
Find out more about Simple Rich...  
Simple Rich, The Tooth Goblin
Last night you deposited your pearly white treasure under the pillow, but in the dawn light your fingers grope, and find...neither coin nor tooth. You've been robbed! Look there by the bed; the culprit waits in silent glee. the chase is what he's about. Go on, nab him now. More...
When your screen lights up, so does she. Cruising the net? She'll be your guide. An endless download? She'll amuse while you wait. Just install .com between keyboard and screen and log on. More...
The Sock Bandit, Aka The Hamper Sleuth
"Tube, ankle, tennis or knee,
Striped, ribbed, or lacy - all free!"
Master of the single steal, faster than the spin cycle, a mere blur in the locker room, the Sock Bandit prides himself on sleuth. Last spotted eyeing the laundry basket. More...
Reality As We See It  
Coyote Sir
I usually eat on the run, but tonight I dine out - at the Starlight Club. Mole puffs are scrumptious this time of year. And the curried hare with weasel-raisin rolls is a fitting entree for a classy coyote like me. Or perhaps I'll just invite that little red cook to dinner. Bon appetit! More...
Little Owl, Athena
Whether she's refereeing Midnight Croquet on the lawn or a domestic tussle, Little Owl Athena insists upon restraint and propriety. Imparting a touch of impartial civility, Athena brings justice to all, and polish besides. More...
Lola is camera shy.
We'll sneak up on her
and get a picture soon.
Lola Skunk
Challenger in the Third Annual After Dark Lawn Games, Lola Skunk brings her own ball, black with a white stripe. Sleek and lovely, and easily startled, Lola is not to be provoked. In the end, Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.
Other Old Favorites  
As white as the moon's full face, as soft as the deepest down qilt, Princess is the perfect advocate for silken repose, vacations and holidays and any other variety of languorous leisure. She reminds us that at the end of the day, there is sleep, sweet and pure.
Little Tom's Big Toad, Uncle Bumps
Share with him all your joys, great and small. He'll travel the spiral pass over the covers, or accept sweet secrets whispered into his anatomically correct ears.
Part butterfly, Sweetcakes has won many a heart with her tender fluttering ways...and her magical desserts.
Bill Troll's Pullet
I'll bring the forks; I always bring the forks.
Little Red Hen
Who will help me eat these cakes?
R.I. Rhoda
Well now, what are friends of a feather for?
Dolly, Upstairs Mouse
I'll make the crumbs disappear.
This Little Piggy
I'll go "whee-whee-whee" all the way home!
Tiny Buddy Stubs
Almost always the smallest one in the room, he understands apprehension, deep down. Even tiny hugs go a long way.

Bedtime Quartet
All together now!
This is the way we scrub our fangs,
Paw the book, and steal a kiss.
This is the way we say goodnight
To Mommy and the moonman.
Copyright 2001 Charleen Kinser Designs