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Cleaning our Acrylic Creatures
(These instructions will work for our wool and alpaca creatures too.)
Any bear or rabbit is bound to get a little messy with time, and many of our customers have asked about cleaning them up. Don't be afraid! Even though our toys are handmade, they're also meant to last a lifetime or two, so follow these guidelines with confidence,
Use a plastic dog-grooming brush to start, but if that doesn't do the trick, try surface washing with lukewarm water and a mild detergent like Dawn or Delicare, using a cloth or soft bristle brush, and rinse with lukewarm water. If your creature has had a run-in with any kind of grease, try sprinkling some cornmeal into the fibers to absorb the grease and then vacuum or brush it out with a plastic dog-grooming brush.
Heat of any kind will make acrylic fur frizzy, at best. Extreme heat will actually begin to melt and mat it, so you should let your creature air dry naturally and brush its fur with a plastic dog-grooming brush.
Cowhide leather can be cleaned with a cloth and lukewarm water. Pigskin, on the other hand, which can be recognized by its tiny holes (hair follicles) in groups of three, will darken with water and may dry very stiff, so Charleen suggests just leaving pigskin ears or paws as they are. Think of it as added character!
All of our night creatures, except Sly and Sly II, are made of upholstery fabric and sport acrylic hair. Any leather is textured cowhide with a washable finish, and may be surface washed (not soaked), with lukewarm water and mild detergent, or spot cleaned with baby wipes!
Sly's body is made of Woolrich wool, leather with acrylic tufts. His head and limbs are of cotton velveteen. Sly II's body, inside and out, is 100% cotton. His head and limbs are made of upholstery fabric, his tassles of acrylic yarn, and his feet and horn of textured cowhide.
Our leather creatures, including, Gnome Tom Griswold (deerskin), Sweetcakes and the trolls, and all toads and frog (pigskin), should not be cleaned. The best treatment for their "skin" is to be handled a lot, as you would a wallet! If they dry out with age, a product we believe is called Apple Polishes will help refurbish them.
All of Sweetcakes' clothing, Little Red Hen's Apron, Nanny's apron, Baby Bear's bonnet, and Louie's scarf are 100% cotton. Please wash them gently by hand. None of our fabrics have been pre-washed. Coyote's neck napkin is linen, so please wash it in cool water.
The puppets of the Bedtime Quartet are cotton velveteens, acrylic "hair", and cotton. We suggest you avoid cleaning them all over, but baby wipes will help remove, or at least diminish, spots.
If you have a damaged piece, ie: your dog ate a nose, or paw pad, or chewed out an eye or ate 3 fingers off your Swooning Ginny Opossum, we can only suggest that you be creative. We can't help you, because, as Time would have it, "we" is now just staff, no materials, no old patterns, no old fabrics or even scraps.
that's that.
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